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Alegends – Facecam Overlay

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Alegends – Twitch Overlay

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Apex – Facecam Overlay

Original price was: $5.90.Current price is: $2.90.

Apex – Twitch Overlay

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Bind Valorant – Facecam Overlay

Original price was: $5.90.Current price is: $2.90.

Bind Valorant – Twitch Overlay

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Call of Duty – Twitch Overlay

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Dust 2 – Twitch Overlay

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FIFA 21 – Twitch Overlay

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Fortnite – Twitch Overlay

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Freedome – Twitch Overlay

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Freek – Twitch Overlay

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Browse through our extensive collection of over 50 different overlays, each meticulously designed to enhance your streaming experience on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Kick. Compatible with various broadcasting software including OBS, Streamlabs and Streamelements, our overlays are crafted to meet the diverse preferences and creative visions of every streamer. We emphasize exceptional quality and easy customization, ensuring you can tailor each overlay to perfectly match your unique style and requirements.

We specialize in delivering top-quality Twitch overlays and services designed to elevate streamers' profiles. Build your professional streaming brand with our diverse range of Twitch overlays and designs, tailored to enhance your online presence and engage your audience.

Our overlays come packed with unique and impressive features including animation capabilities, a variety of color options, editable icons, and customizable text. We ensure the highest quality designs, all delivered in HD resolution (1920x1080px). Many of our overlays are tailored specifically to popular games like Fortnite, Apex , PUBG, CS:GO, FIFA and LoL, perfectly complementing the game environment in the background. However, most of the are still usable across a wider selection of games. With over 2,000 satisfied streamers, we invite you to join our community and elevate your streaming experience.

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Do Use a Uniform Design Across Your Stream

Build a brand by matching the design of your Twitch Overlay with the rest of the designs in your stream. Graphicarea offers stream packages that bundle uniform designs which streamers need in one package (and even with various colour options).

Do Only Use Designs with a High Resolution

Use a Twitch Overlay that has a high resolution and looks professional. All designs on Graphicarea perfectly match the respective requirements (usually at least HD or higher) without being to large to avoid too long loading times.

Do Match the Design to Your Content

Choosing a Twitch Overlay that complements your content not only enhances your professionalism but also makes your stream more memorable for a specific game or genre, especially with a design that supports this.

Don't Cover Important Content with Overlays

Avoid placing the Twitch Overlay over crucial content elements. The designs from Graphicarea are versatile, compatible with many games, and some are tailored specifically to match the in-game elements of particular games perfectly.

Don't Go Too Crazy

Choose a Twitch Overlay that is simple and uses moderate colors. The Overlay should complement your stream's content and encourage viewer interaction. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Don't Stream Without a Twitch Overlay

It's fairly clear that using Twitch Overlays can enhance viewer engagement and give your stream a more professional appearance. Therefore, we strongly recommend using an overlay that showcases recent viewer activities, such as new donations and subs.


What is the difference between a Classic, Separated and Facecam overlay?

A Classic Overlay is the traditional style most commonly associated with Twitch streams. It's customized to complement specific games, enhancing the viewing experience by seamlessly integrating with the game's visual theme. This type of overlay includes interactive elements layered directly over the gameplay. These elements encourage viewer interaction, such as following, donating, or subscribing. It can be combined with a facecam overlay which includes a designated area for the webcam.

A Separated Overlay, in contrast, maintains a clear distinction between the gameplay content and the additional elements. It features dedicated spaces around the main content that display additional information, without overlaying the game itself. This type of overlay also includes a specific section for the facecam, ensuring that none of the essential content / gameplay is covered by addtional elements.

A Facecam Overlay specifically enhances the webcam display. It typically decorates the borders of the facecam area with minimalistic elements, ensuring the main focus remains on the streamer. Facecam overlays are available in various sizes to fit different video formats, such as 4:3, 16:9, and greenscreen setups. This overlay can be integrated with a classic overlay to create a more comprehensive and engaging visual setup.

What is a Twitch Overlay?

A Twitch Overlay is a graphic frame or layout that streamers overlay on top of the gameplay or video content they are broadcasting. These overlays can include various elements to enhance the viewing experience and provide more interaction and information for viewers. Graphicarea differentiates between (i) a Classic Overlays, (ii) Separated Overlays and (iii) Facecam Overlays.

Do I need a Twitch Overlay?

If you're considering whether you need a Twitch Overlay, think about a few key aspects: An Overlay can enhance your stream's professional look, which might attract more viewers. It's also great for branding, helping to establish a visual identity that makes your channel memorable. Additionally, Overlays can boost viewer engagement by incorporating interactive elements like areas for donations and new follower counts. However, consider the type of games you stream; some games might require a minimal overlay to avoid covering important gameplay elements. Starting without an overlay can be a good approach if you're new to streaming, allowing you to focus initially on content and interaction. As your channel grows, adding an overlay can be a strategic move to enhance your stream's functionality and appeal.

How much is a Twitch Overlay?

The cost of a Twitch Overlay can vary significantly depending on whether you choose a free, premade, or custom option. Free overlays are widely available and offer basic features but are used by many other streamers as well and not super unique. Pre-made overlays, which you can download from Graphicarea generally cost around $5 to $15 and provide more design choices and endless customization plus editing service from our team. For those seeking something unique to their brand and style, custom overlays are available through graphic designers. These custom designs can start at around $200 and may go up to several hundred dollars based individual rates and the complexity of the design.

Can you have 2 Overlays on Twitch?

Yes, you can use multiple overlays on Twitch. Streamers often combine different overlays (e.g. classic and facecam overlay) to enhance different aspects of their broadcast. For instance, you might have one overlay for your gameplay that includes a webcam frame and on-screen chat, and another that shows alerts for new followers, donations, or subscriptions. These overlays can be layered and configured within your streaming software (like OBS or Streamlabs) to activate at different times or under specific circumstances, providing a dynamic and engaging viewer experience. This setup allows for greater flexibility and creativity in how you present your stream. You can switch between overlays depending on the content you are broadcasting or the interaction level you want with your audience. Just be sure to manage them so that your screen doesn’t get too cluttered, ensuring that important content isn’t obscured.

Do the Overlays also work with other platforms (e.g. YouTube Gaming, Facebook, X, Kick)?

Yes, Twitch Overlays from Graphicarea can be used across various streaming platforms, including YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, Kick and others. The Overlays function similarly across these platforms because they are typically managed through broadcasting software like OBS Studio or Streamlabs, which supports streaming on multiple platforms. When setting up an overlay, you essentially add it as a layer within your broadcasting software. This layer is then included in the video stream that is broadcasted to whichever platform you're streaming on. Therefore, the technical aspect of using overlays is consistent regardless of the streaming service.


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