How to become a Twitch Affiliate & Partner

Important stream equipment

Streaming is one of the most popular and latest trends in the gaming niche, although streamers are trying their best to take it to the next level by converting this hobby into full time or part-time job. No doubt, Twitch is the best platform to make this dream come true. It is the most prominent live broadcasting medium for all type of streamers. 

Recently, Twitch has launches two programs, which can provide massive advantages to streamers.

How to become a Twitch Affiliate

The first program is the Twitch Affiliate program; however, to participate in it, you have to be a qualified streamer. Let us discuss how a streamer can qualify for Twitch Affiliate Program.

  • It is crucial for a stream to have at least 500 minutes broadcast in the last 30 days.
  • To be an Affiliate 7 different broadcast days are required in the last 30 days.
  • It is necessary to have at least three coexisting viewers over the last 30 days.
  • Fifty followers are required.

To become a Twitch Affiliate, it is necessary to achieve all the above requirements within 30 days. After completing each element, a checkbox will appear in front of the achievements. However, all the requirements should fulfill within 30 days. Otherwise, you are not qualified as a Twitch Affiliate.

For Example, if you complete the first three requirements in the early 15 days. Although you are unable to get 50 followers within the 30 days. You would not be able to qualify for the affiliate program because all four requirements are not complete within the same 30 days.

Those streamers who will complete the requirements successfully will be redirected to the onboarding process. Complete the onboarding process officially, and the Path to Affiliate panel will appear. The panel will give you the good news that you have become a Twitch Affiliate. Maybe for many users, the qualifying phase is more like an effort phase. However, it is not true; efforts will start after getting Twitch Affiliation because streaming requires time, energy, hard work, and dedication.

How to become a Twitch Partner

The second program is the Twitch Partner Program. It is quite a step, which a Twitch streamer can take after becoming a Twitch Affiliate. Note: Only Twitch Affiliates can become twitch Partners. It is much easier to become a Twitch Affiliate in comparison to Twitch Partner. Many Streamers apply for Twitch Partner program, but only a view qualify for it because the qualification requirements of the Twitch Partner Program are high. Let us discuss how a streamer can upgrade from a Twitch Affiliate to a Twitch Partner.

  • Twitch Affiliate Streamer has to steam for 25 hours within 30 days.
  • The streamer has to stream for 12 different days within 30 days.
  • It is crucial to have an average of 75 or more coexisting viewers within 30 days.

All of these requirements should complete within the same 30 days. Same like the affiliate program, a checkbox will appear in front of every achievement.

If you want to become a Twitch Partner, it is necessary to focus on some crucial things.

  • Innovation, try to come up with something new.
  • Smooth streaming, the internet connection should be good.
  • Processor, streaming requires tons of resources of your PC. It is vital to get a high spec PC. Otherwise, the PC would not be able to handle bots, OBS sources, and other background programs. It will shut down as well as your Stream.
  • Quality of the voice should be clear because most viewers attract attractive commentary.
  • Learn from other big streamers and consider them your mentor.

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