6 most important Twitch tips to be successful

Twitch Streaming tips successful

We have many years of experience in the streaming business and want to share the most important streaming rules with you which we realised during the past years. 

It is not sufficient just to read this short guide to be successful. You have to think about it and internalise these rules. We can’t guarantee that you will attract more viewers when you apply theses rules. But when you implement these rules, then the possibility of success will increase dramatically in 99% of the cases. However, there are still so many streamers which are successful because they don’t follow rules. That leads us to the first and in our eyes most important rule:

1. Have a USP

There are so many streamers on Twitch and a lot more streamers on other streaming platforms as well. Why should somebody visit and watch you stream? How do you differentiate yourself from them? These are two very important questions. You have to somehow stand out from the crowd, to be unique and attractive for potential viewers. For example, many streamers do that by having a crazy personality, extreme good gaming skills or just because they cover a niche.

2. Build an intensive connection to your viewers

What we observe at successful streamers is, that they interact with their viewers and know a lot of them since they spend much time together in their streams. They build deep connections to their viewers and react to the comments in their chat. Due to this special connection, the viewers have a higher willingness to support the stream and are an active part of it. Always remember, that one active viewer is more worth than ten passive viewers.

3. Implement a streaming schedule

A community is build out of viewers who frequently watch you stream. To ensure that your community is able to follow and watch your stream, you should implement fixed dates and times. Since your viewers have also a real life with normal working and school hours, it is more likely that they are able to watch your stream when you have a fixed schedule. Furthermore, they know exactly when you stream and can plan to watch it.

4. Build a network with other streamers

Many streamers profit by the “host-another-channel” function. Thus, it is not only important to have an excellent connection to your viewers but to other streamers as well. We recommend to start with hosting other streams which are similar to your stream. As a thanks most of the streamers will thank you and host your stream the next time. Additionally, you can connect to other streamers through a clan or streamer community.

5. Act like an entertainer

Why do viewers watch streams? They want to get entertained. Thus, you have to offer a service which is worth it to view for the audience. This also refers to rule 1 (Have a USP). But it is also very crucial that you don’t pretend yourself.

6. Do what you like

How can a viewer enjoy a stream when the streamer does not like that what he plays? That’s pretty difficult and this problems often occurs when a streamer spends too much time on one game and then this game becomes boring for him while his viewers are still interested in this game. Now the streamer is faced with a dilemma. When he keeps playing it, the viewers would recognise his boredom and leave. When he switches to another game, then many of his viewers wouldn’t be so interested in his stream anymore and leave again. Thus, it is important be aware of this dilemma and try to pretend it by focusing on up to threes games which make fun.

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