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Twitch Bit and Sub Badges serve multiple purposes in a streamer's channel. They act as a form of recognition and appreciation for loyal viewers, fostering a sense of belonging and community among subscribers and contributors. Additionally, these badges can incentivize support from viewers, encouraging subscriptions and Bit contributions by offering exclusive benefits. Beyond their functional role, well-designed badges also contribute to the overall visual appeal of a channel, enhancing the viewing experience and making chat interactions more engaging and immersive for all participants.

Graphicarea has a massive arsenal of Bit and Sub Badges for Twitch and Kick, primed and ready to deploy in the heat of battle. These badges are prepped in a ready-to-use format, ready for download in a few minutes. With a plethora of designs to choose from, Graphicarea ensures that streamers can level up their channel's aesthetics and reward their loyal viewers with badges that are as epic as their gaming skills.

Each set of Bit and Sub Badges from Graphicarea comprises 10 individually crafted badges, unified in style yet uniquely distinguished. These badges typically feature varying colors and progressively fancier designs, enticing viewers to remain loyal to your stream. By offering a diverse range of badges within a cohesive theme, streamers can reward their community's loyalty while adding visual flair to their channel's chat environment.

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Do Use Twitch Badges to Forster Interaction

We highly recommend that every Twitch streamer utilize Twitch Badges as a means to incentivize viewers to become followers or even subscribers. Custom badges not only reward loyalty but also provide a visual representation of a viewer's commitment.

Do Test which kind of Twitch Badges your Community Likes

Experimenting with various bit and sub badges allows you to pinpoint which ones resonate most with your audience, leading to more meaningful interactions and a stronger sense of community.

Don't Use too Detailed Twitch Badges

Twitch Badges are displayed in chat, often appearing quite small depending on the viewer's device. To ensure they remain clear and recognizable, it's best to keep them simple, focusing on facial expressions or short text.

Don't Ignore the Twitch Guidlines

It's essential to use Twitch Bid and Sub Badges that adhere to Twitch's guidelines. Rest assured, all Twitch Badges from Graphicarea are fully compliant with Twitch's and Kick's guidelines, ensuring a seamless experience for both streamers and viewers.


How do you get Twitch Badges?

With just a few clicks, you can easily select and download your favorite badges from Graphicarea. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to browse through our extensive collection, choose the badges that best suit your channel, and quickly download them to enhance your Twitch experience. Whether you're looking for Bit badges, Sub badges, or both, Graphicarea provides a seamless and efficient process for obtaining high-quality badges that reflect your channel's unique style and personality.

What are Twitch Bit and Sub Badges?

Twitch Bit and Sub Badges are special icons that appear next to the usernames of viewers who have supported a Twitch channel either by cheering with Bits or subscribing.

Both Bit and Sub Badges serve as a form of recognition for viewers who support the channel financially, and they can also foster a sense of community and belonging among subscribers and regular viewers.

What is the difference between Bit and Sub Badges?

Bit Badges are awarded to viewers who have cheered with Bits during a stream. These badges can vary in design and often indicate the amount of Bits the viewer has contributed over time.

Sub Badges, on the other hand, are awarded to viewers who have subscribed to a channel. Sub Badges come in different tiers, representing the length of time a viewer has been subscribed to the channel. Typically, the longer a viewer subscribes, the more impressive the Sub Badge becomes.

How to get Twitch verified Badge?

To get a verified badge on Twitch, also known as the "Verified Checkmark," you need to meet specific criteria set by Twitch. Unlike other social media platforms where verification is often requested or applied for, Twitch verification is primarily invitation-based. Here are the general steps to become eligible for a Twitch verified badge:

  1. Consistent streaming: Maintain a consistent streaming schedule and regularly broadcast content on your Twitch channel. This demonstrates your commitment to content creation and community engagement.
  2. Growing channel: Build a substantial following and viewership on Twitch. While there's no specific threshold, having a large and active community increases your chances of being noticed by Twitch for verification.
  3. Adhere to Twitch guidelines: Ensure that your content complies with Twitch's terms of service, community guidelines, and copyright policies. Avoid any violations or infractions that could hinder your eligibility for verification.
  4. Positive impact: Make a positive impact on the Twitch community through your content, interactions, and contributions. Engage with your audience, participate in community events, and support other creators within the Twitch ecosystem.
  5. Wait for invitation: Once you've met the above criteria and established yourself as a respected and influential member of the Twitch community, Twitch may extend an invitation to you for verification. This invitation typically comes directly from Twitch, and there's no formal application process.
  6. Accept the Badge: If you receive an invitation for verification, follow the instructions provided by Twitch to accept and activate your verified badge on your Twitch channel.

It's important to note that while meeting the above criteria can increase your chances of receiving a verified badge, verification ultimately remains at Twitch's discretion. Additionally, Twitch may periodically review channels for verification eligibility, so continue to focus on growing your channel and positively impacting the Twitch community.

Are Twitch Badges permanent?

Twitch Badges, such as Sub Badges and Bit Badges, are not permanent in the sense that they can be changed or updated by the streamer.

Sub Badges are typically awarded to subscribers based on their subscription tier (e.g., Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3). As long as a viewer maintains an active subscription, they will continue to display the corresponding Sub Badge next to their username in chat. However, if the subscription is cancelled or expires, the Sub Badge will no longer appear. Bit Badges are awarded to viewers who have cheered with Bits during a stream.

The Bit Badges that viewers display are based on the total number of Bits they have contributed over time. As viewers cheer with more Bits, they can unlock higher-tier Bit Badges.

Streamers can customize their Sub Badges and Bit Badges, so they have the flexibility to update or change them as desired. This allows streamers to refresh their channel's visual identity, reward long-time supporters with new badges, or celebrate special events or milestones.


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